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MWCoh-0181 (Side B) (Title: Teller Institute)

No descrption given for audio from Museum of Western Colorado. Title: Teller Institute. The Teller Institute, was a Native American School in Grand Junction. …

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Oral history interview with Helen Pearson February 26 1984. 1984

Ms. Pearson's father raised sheep and other livestock in Arizona and worked on the Grand Canyon Railway. She spent time working for Coconino County and her childhood was spent on a sheep ranch…

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Student Actors Present DU Through Time

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Voices Of Experience: Richard H. Koppes from Jones Days Law Firm

In this Voices of Experience presentation Richard H. Koppes discusses leadership, ethics and compliance in business law. With more than 2,400 lawyers, including more than 400 lawyers in Europe and…

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Practitioner Talk by Bennett Freeman

In this practitioner-in-residence talk, Bennett Freeman discussed "Suits and Punks: How Corporations, Investors, Activists and Governments Clash But Change the World." Over the last 15…

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2014 Founders Day Gala, Chancellor Robert Coombe

Chancellor Coombe speaking at the 2014 Founders Day Gala event. He provides attendees a detailed historic picture of the early days of Colorado and the University of Denver.

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Dedication of Freedom Studies Center, 1966 September 25

Numerous dignitaries each make a two-minute speech during the dedication ceremonies for the Freedom Studies Center at the Institute for American Strategy in Boston, Va. on Sept. 25, 1966. Developed…

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Steve Chapman - Beginnings

Digital Pioneers 2010-2014

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Liz Bishoff - Beginnings

Digital Pioneers 2010-2014

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Kenning Arlitsch - Beginnings

Digital Pioneers 2010-2014

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