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LIS 4043 6.1.4 Main Principles of Marketing

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LIS 4043 1.3.1 What is the Difference Between Advocacy, Education, PR, and Marketing?

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LIS 4015 10.2.2 Anonymity in Libraries

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2015-11-09 Lamont Jazz Orchestra - 11-09-2015 - Track 3

Lamont Jazz Orchestra - 11-09-2015 Track: 3 Concert Date: November 09, 2015 Old filename: 3588.mp3

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Accelerate Webinar Series: So You've Got Data, Now What?

Executive Education faculty and data analytics expert Phil Beaver has consulted with more than 600 companies, and he’s seen a common theme: organizations have data, organizations have…

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Alan Swallow Memorial (Reel 1 / Side 1)

The reel is labeled "Allan [sic] Swallow Memorial -- Reel 2". The accrual for the ELADA reels did not include a first reel from the memorial. The audio contains individuals speaking and…

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Oral History Interview with Laura Alexander 1981 December 17 (Tape 1, Side A)

Interview with Laura Alexander from the Pikes Peak Library District Oral History Project.

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Alumni Symposium 2013: Matt Bond -The Changing Media Landscape

Matt Bond (BSBA '83) Executive Vice President of Content Distribution for NBCUniversal speaks at the 2013 Alumni Symposium. Matt talks about the changing media landscape as a result of new…

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Engaging Ideas - Melissa Akaka, Collaborating for Value (Quick Take)

This Engaging Idea explores how innovation and value are most effectively fostered through joint partnerships among firms, customers and other stakeholders.

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SIP Higher Education Panel - Trygve Myhren Presentation (06.26.2013)

Trygve Myhren presents to the Panel of the Future of Higher Education

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