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Oral History Interview with Carol Williams 2002 June 18 (Side B)

Carol Williams describes her early years in Butte Montana early role models in AAUW and teaching in the Butte Head Start program. She explains the Peace Links organization and their goal of…

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Bridges to the Future - 9/11: Ten Years After - Richard Clarke

Richard Clarke, Former White House Counter-Terrorism Czar and Chairman of Good Harbor Consulting, LLC, explores how society has changed post-9/11. Clarke reflects on the most recent attacks by…

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Bridges to the Future - 9-11: Fawaz Gerges

Fawaz Gerges, a Middle East expert, gives a talks featuring two themes: the broken Middle East and the War on Terror. He explores what has happen in the last ten years in the Middle East and…

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Bridges to the Future - War Zones to the White House by Martha Raddatz

ABC News Correspondent Martha Raddatz discussed her thorough preparations for moderating the 2012 vice presidential debate, her pride in becoming a role model for American youths, and the amazing…

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Provost conference panel #3 11/7/2001

Discussion Panel #3 from the Provost Conference on November 7, 2001 about terrorism and the September 11, 2001 attacks. From a VHS Tape.

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