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Bridges to the Future - Education Practices

This video features a panel discussion of three prominent educators, Principal Michael Johnston, Former Superintendent Jerry Wartgow, and Middle School Teacher Jen Phillips, moderated by 9News…

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Pedagogo S2-E3 Trauma-Informed Pedagogy: The Role of Assessment in Deep Insights and Learning

There’s little doubt as to the value assessment can bring to the classroom. But what if we are underutilizing assessments and under-appreciating the areas where they can lead to insights? Tune…

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The Assesment Salon. Episode 2: Are the Systems We Built Working? with Dr. Mark Pleiss

Join us for this episode of The Assessment Salon Podcast with Dr. Mark Pleiss (he/him), where we ask the key question: how can we test if our (assessment) structures are working? And explore…

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The Assessment Salon. Episode 1: The Choreography of Assessment with Dr. Christina H. Paguyo and Amelia Gentile-Mathew

Welcome to The Assessment Salon podcast, your place for all things assessment with the Office of Teaching and Learning at the University of Denver! In this introductory podcast, meet your…

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SIP Higher Education Panel - Stacey Ludwig Johnson Presentation (9.04.2013 )

Strategic Issues Program - Panel on the Future of Higher Education - Stacey Ludwig Johnson

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