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Chung-Fu Chang Oral History

Interview over Zoom with Chung-Fu Chang conducted by Julia Wilkinson-Manley. Chung-Fu Chang is from Taiwan where he danced professionally with the internationally renowned Cloud Gate Dance Theatre…

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Lamont Admission Webinar: Preparing for Your Audition

For a music major, the audition process is one the most important aspects of apply to college, and it can be stressful! Lamont Admission is here to help relieve as much of that stress as possible. In…

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Riccarda McQuie for Colorado Reflections

Riccarda McQuie, a professional violinist, was born in Chicago and moved to Colorado in 1918 to a homestead in the Colorado mountains with her mother. Reflects on her career playing the violin and…

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Oral History Interview with Linda Kent, 2013 July 22

Interview with Linda Kent conducted by Joan Brown.

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Gil Boggs Oral History, 2014

Interview with Gil Boggs conducted by Joan Brown.

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