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2014-11-14 Flo's Underground - 11-14-2014 - Track 5

Flo's Underground - 11-14-2014 Track: 5 Concert Date: November 14, 2014 Old filename: 2598.mp3

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2016-04-29 Convocation - 04-29-2016 - Track 2

Convocation - 04-29-2016 Track: 2 Concert Date: April 29, 2016 Old filename: 4090.mp3

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Oral history inteview with Eloise Fain Turner January 16 1985. 1985

Ms. Turner was born in Shepard Texas in 1906. She moved to Flagstaff in 1926 and attended the Arizona State Teachers College and received her teaching certificate. She was married in Holbrook…

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Oral History Interview with Dean and Zeta Thayer (Part 2, 1983-10-06)

Mr. Thayer tells the story of his parents' trip to Phoenix, from Lima, Ohio, as tourists in 1900. They ended up staying because the town of Buckeye badly needed a physician. The Thayers, who…

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Memories of Carl Sandberg

"Poet of the People, Bard of Democracy, Philosopher, Historian, Biographer, Troubadour. Memories of Carl Sandburg recreates the visitors' day at Connemara-the things to see and do, the…

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Edna Weber Schoch Oral History, 1993 August 20. Tape 3.

Schoch grew up in the Midwest and then traveled the world with the Red Cross during World War II. After living briefly in Chicago with her husband Ed, the Schochs moved to Colorado Springs and opened…

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