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Oral history interview with Wanda LeBaron 1985 June 18 (Side A)

LeBaron describes her childhood home on Eighth Street ? one room with a dirt basement ? and talks about getting water from a well and keeping a garden and chickens. She talks about her father's…

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Oral history interview with Wuzzie George Edna Jones and Dr. Ralph Payne. 1969

Discusses the Stewart Indian School Carson City Nevada. Mormon settlers and their foods. Captain Wasson and Captain Ben. and pinenut trees.

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Interview RHC007 with Doug Tanner July 4 1985 1985 July 4 (Part 2)

Interview with Doug Tanner at the Max Tanner Ranch in Grouse Creek 4 July 1985 (pt. 2): ranching; LDS Church ranch; Mormonism; civil and religious law; old and new church building. Hal Cannon and C.…

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