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R. Paul Willett for Colorado Reflections

Richard Paul Willett discusses Lowry Field Players during World War II after he enlisted in the Air Force. Recalls directing theater in Denver Colorado at the Gaslight Theater.

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Carrie Herring for Colorado Reflections

Carrie Herring describes her experiences in Iowa and owning a grocery store before moving to Denver in the late 1920s. Herring reflects on her time working at Golden Eagle Dry Goods Company before…

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Oral history Interview with Harris Samuel B.

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Gene GeBauer Highlight Reel

Highlight reel of interview with Gene GeBauer conducted by Joan Brown. This highlight covers Gene's beginnings in Oregon, time on Broadway, and move to Colorado.

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Lynne Taylor-Corbett Choreography Interview

Interview conducted with Lynne Taylor-Corbett during her time setting "The Little Mermaid" for Colorado Ballet. Lynne discusses her choreographic process, growing up in Denver, and her…

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Gene GeBauer Oral History, 2017

Interview with Gene GeBauer conducted by Joan Brown. Gene GeBauer began dancing at 12 in his hometown of Salem, Oregon. At 24 Gene went to New York to audition for Broadway shows. He performed in…

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Oral History Interview with Aria Klein, 2013 July 20

Interview with Aria Klein conducted by Joan Brown.

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