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JAPN 2101 F22 ブランデスさん・期末発表

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Ed-Tech Collective: Neurodiversity and Learning with Sierra Dwyer, M.Ed.

Discussion topics: Overview of Neurodiversity (N.D). Universal Design for Learning- what, how & why it matters to neurodiverse students Supporting Individual Students Growth Mindset…

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EVM 3441-4441 Budget For Start-ups Sprint SP22

For many people creating and evaluating business budgets and forecasts is intimidating. This applied course is designed to demystify the subject as students study, create and evaluate budgets and…

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Dr. Leroy Cook "Nancy Hill" (1st Version)

Folk Song

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Dr. Leroy Cook "Kansas Man"

Parody on Gamblin' Man

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Ernest S. Graham "My Mother's Dying Prayer"

Folk Song

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Interview with Tom Bruce November 13 1999 (Tape 1) 1999 November 13

Interview with Tom Bruce on his relationship with astronomer Clyde W. Tombaugh discoverer of the planet Pluto. Bruce discusses working for Tombaugh while a student at New Mexico College of…

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Oral history interview of Frank Gold April 22 1974. 1974 April 22

An oral history interview with Frank Gold that includes the following topics: history from Lawrence Kansas travel to Grand Canyon Walnut Canyon cattle in Walnut Canyon water resources service as…

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George Dobbins for Colorado Reflections

George Dobbins a retired professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder discusses his childhood in Denver and Englewood. Dobbins reflects on his memories of Cherry Creek…

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Oral History Interview with Francisco Uviaa 1979 August 14 (Side B)

Born in Durango Mexico. Recollections of his chilhood and youth. Job experiences. Came to Ciudad Juarez in 1953. Worked as a bracero in Pecos and Ysleta Texas. Had an accident while on the job.…

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How To_Grade Assignments in Canvas

*Please excuse my cat, Mr. Henry. He decided to interrupt this video as often as possible because he loves demanding my attention when I'm "unavailable". He won this round...

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How To_Zoom Feature in Canvas Courses

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How To_Update AHH Course

This video shows how to use the Delayed Announcement Modifier and Due Date Modifier in Canvas. This particular video is specific to AHH but the tools can be used in other Canvas courses.

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Video Accessibility Improves Learning

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The Assessment Salon. Episode 1: The Choreography of Assessment with Dr. Christina H. Paguyo and Amelia Gentile-Mathew

Welcome to The Assessment Salon podcast, your place for all things assessment with the Office of Teaching and Learning at the University of Denver! In this introductory podcast, meet your…

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