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Oral history interviews with Stevenson Leonard; MenefeeMr.; Artz Mrs. Charlie; McPhee Mr.; Thomas Mrs. Mother; Ritter Maurice; Exxon George; and Artz Mrs. Mathi 1975 (Side A)

Dorothy Trevino interviews a variety of individuals who were early citizens of Mancos Colorado. These interviews are part of a series of oral histories taken in the 1970s intended to be added to the…

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Interview with Bradford A Smith, Tape 3, December 6, 2001

Interview with Bradley A. Smith on his relationship with astronomer Clyde W. Tombaugh, discoverer of the planet Pluto. Smith discusses meeting and working with Tombaugh on astronomical observation…

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Memories of Carl Sandberg

"Poet of the People, Bard of Democracy, Philosopher, Historian, Biographer, Troubadour. Memories of Carl Sandburg recreates the visitors' day at Connemara-the things to see and do, the…

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Melvin Eckard oral history interview, 1984 December 20. Side B.

Dr. James Hansen interviews Melvin Eckard at Colorado State University on December 20, 1984.

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