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Wilbur Addison "They Say It's Sinful to Flirt"

Love Song

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Chris Whitacre for Colorado Reflections

Chris Whitacre reflects on her involvement with Historic Denver and writing a book about Molly Brown. Whitacre discusses Margaret Tobin Brown "the Unsinkable Molly Brown" and her life in…

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Oral history interview with Santangelo Mary Louise Dalla

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The Assessment Salon. Episode 5: Re-Shaping Undergraduate Curriculum towards JEDI, Ethics, & Belonging with Dr. Chris GauthierDickey & Dr. Scott Leutenegger

Join us for this The Assessment Salon double feature! Dr. Christina H. Paguyo (she/her), Dr. Chris GauthierDickey (he/him), and Dr. Scott Leutenegger (he/him) play with the following question: How…

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Volume Up Final

Volume Up The charming comedy of a young woman who must defeat her noisy upstairs neighbors before shining at work to win a coveted overseas promotion. (10:45) Production team: Kacie Henderson,…

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Western Union Discsussion 5/5/2020

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Foreign Policy Impact: U.S. and Japan - Nov. 11, 2020

On November 11, a conversation of the U.S. election results, the recent change in government in Japan, and their foreign policy impacts on the U.S.-Japanese alliance and policy in the Indo-Pacific…

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From Criminalization to Community: Reimagining Justice

Activists, scholars, social workers and individuals involved in the criminal justice system will invite you into their experiences through personal storytelling and audience dialogue. They will…

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