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Teacher-Scholar Lecture and Reception Featuring Professor Steve Iona

Teaching is both a science and an art. While one can teach science, and one can teach art, can one teach teaching? In his talk entitled, “Can you Teach Teaching?,” Professor Steve Iona,…

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Ed-Tech Collective: Coaching Practices and Articulate 360 in Canvas (12/7/2023)

2:00-2:30 Prof. Clayton Kuklick How to bring effective coaching practices into the classroom 2:30-3:00 Ben Kohntopp, Kerry Floyd & Chelsie Ruge Creating Engaging…

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Building Skills for Navigating Hot Moments Interactive Workshop

Fall 2023 Provost Conference: Session 4

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Managing “Hot” Moments in the Classroom: Exploring the Intersections of Identity and Context

Fall 2023 Provost Conference: Session 3

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Head, Heart, and Hand: Tools for Working Through Conflict in the Classroom and Roundtable Discussion

Fall 2023 Provost Conference: Session 2

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The Big Bad Wolf, Race, and Humanization: Proactive Approaches to Building Humanizing Learning Environments in the Higher Education Classroom

Fall 2023 Provost Conference: Session 1

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First Year Student Convocation - Class of 2027 (9/5/2023)

WELCOME CLASS OF 2027Tuesday, Sept. 5, is move-in day for first-year students at the University of Denver. Approximately 1,470 families will arrive on campus to help their students get settled into…

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A Dialectical Approach to Understanding Culture and Communication

This video discusses the dialectical approach to intercultural communication written about by Martin and Nakayama in their 2013 textbook -Intercultural Communication in Contexts.-

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IHAC Seminar Series - Mueni Rudd - April 20, 2023

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6.30 FINAL FIIT Intro Video

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FIIT: Final Module 1 Video 2 Knowledge Construction

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Zines in the Classroom

Zines are a great tool for classroom use as both sources, and projects. This video essay outlines how and why zines can be used in the classroom.

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EVM3403-4403 Ethics In Entrepreneurship Sprint SP22

Creating a business for the sake of generating profit is not enough. Businesses must contribute to the betterment of society through social, environmental and financial gains. This course will help…

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Diversity Summit 2021: Building Your Inclusive and Humanizing Teaching Toolkit | University of Denver

In this session, we reviewed humanizing pedagogy principles and dove deep into a set of teaching tools to support inclusive, equitable, and supportive learning environments for all students. This…

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Trauma Informed Pedagogy

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Oral history interview with Mary Scott February 23 1977

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