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LIS 4000 1.6.1 Scholarly and Professional Communication in LIS

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LIS 4060 7.2.1 Virtual Reference

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LIS 4005 8.3.1 Organization Dynamics in LIS

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LIS 4015 8.2.4 Roundtable: Autism Spectrum Disorder

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LIS 4520 8.5.1 Montage: Interview Content

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LIS 4510 1.5.1 Seven Skills

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Durable Skills Gradebook Mock-up

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Adding Instructor Highlights Pages

Winter 2024 ICT instructor highlights pages

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Learning Turabian Style 1 of 2

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2014-05-28 The Playground - 05-28-2014 - Track 3

The Playground - 05-28-2014 Track: 3 Concert Date: May 28, 2014 Old filename: 2164.mp3

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A Dialectical Approach to Understanding Culture and Communication

This video discusses the dialectical approach to intercultural communication written about by Martin and Nakayama in their 2013 textbook -Intercultural Communication in Contexts.-

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Accelerate Webinar Series: Roles, Responsibilities & Boundaries

What agreements to enterprising families need to best work together? Whether family members have been working together for a number of years or a number of generations, having a common and…

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Herbert Shore: Protest and Paradox - Experimentalism in Dramatic Forms (Reel 1 / Side 1)

This reel contains Herbert Shore speaking at the University of Denver during the 1965 winter lecture series which ran from January 11-March 11. The topic of his lecture is the notion of protest in…

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MT meeting with Bruce and Linda 06.09.2022

MCE interim Dean Bruce Hurmacher and Vice Provost Linda Kosten spoke to our MT meeting on 6/9/2022 at 2pm.

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Oral History Interview with Charles Tyler 1981 August

Mr. Tyler recounts his experiences in Omaha and outstate Nebraska as an itinerant minister starting in 1947 and doing oral history research in outstate Nebraska.

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Oral history interview with Billy Gean Ellis [sound recording] 2002 Oct. 26.

Billy Ellis recounts his early days as lookout at the fire lookout station on Devils Head summit in Douglas County Colo. the last manned fire lookout station in Colorado. He describes the lookout…

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