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Interview with William Tharp November 9 1990 1990 November 9

Interview with William Tharp on farming in the Las Cruces and Deming New Mexico areas. The interview focuses on Mr. Tharp's family's cotton farming enterprise.

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Oral History Interview with Robert "Bob" Derry 1984 July 20 (Side A)

Robert Derry talks about working as a smokejumper in 1943 and 1946. He also discusses his brothers Frank Chet and Virgil who were all smokejumpers and were involved with the early development of the…

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Engineers and Computers Helping Athletes | University of Denver (2015)

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Dale Kesterson oral history interview, 1984 September 27. Side B.

Dave Ayers interviews Dale Kesterson in Fort Collins on September 27, 1984.

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Letter to the President The Computer Museum

How email and the internet works. Filmed in the 1990's at The Computer Museum in Boston which closed in 2000 according to Wikipedia. From a VHS Tape

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Merrilee Proffitt - Beginnings

Digital Pioneers 2010-2014

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Kenning Arlitsch - Advice

Digital Pioneers 2010-2014

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