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LIS 4070 4.5.1 Roundtable: Introduction to Authority Control 1

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LIS 4702 4.1.1 Skill Demonstration

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LIS 4005 9.2.1 Creative Strategies for Change Facilitator Workshop

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LIS 4520 5.5.1 Montage: Interview Content

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LIS 4520 1.6.1 Interview: Jonah Vallez

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C V Special Edition Community Talk - Israel & Gaza (2023-10-19)

The violence that is taking place in Israel, Palestine, and Gaza is incredibly tragic and painful – it is hard to even find the words to explain it. Our thoughts are with all of those…

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John Williams: Henry Miller - The Success of Failure (Reel 1 / Side 1)

This reel contains John Edward Williams (DU Professor) speaking at the University of Denver for the 20th Century Lecture Series on April 21 1966. Williams begins by discussing Henry David Thoreau and…

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USIP - Podcast

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Mary Jane Byers "Warranty Deed"

Folk Song

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Oral history interview with Carmelita Beauvais March 26 1977. 1977 March 26

Ms. Carmelita Beauvais has been teaching Native American children for six years at the Leupp Boarding School. Interviewed by Phyllis Boyes graduate student at Northern Arizona University on March 26…

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Bridges to the Future - 9-11: Fawaz Gerges

Fawaz Gerges, a Middle East expert, gives a talks featuring two themes: the broken Middle East and the War on Terror. He explores what has happen in the last ten years in the Middle East and…

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Marc Gopin: Author of Holy War Holy Peace

Citizens of every culture and religion must act locally to support the paradigm shift necessary to mitigate global conflict, according to Marc Gopin, author of "Holy War, Holy Peace." Read…

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Bridges to the Future: Eliza Griswold

Eliza Griswold (born February 9, 1973) is an award-winning American journalist and poet. She is a fellow at the New America Foundation and won a 2010 Rome Prize from the American Academy of Arts and…

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Frank Lakin Interview Part 10 between 1984-1987 (Side A)

An oral history interview taken as part of the research process for Dr. Larson's book Shaping Educational Change.

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The Stunning Success of Nonviolent Resistance

Dr. Erica Chenoweth is Professor and Associate Dean for Research at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies and Director of the Program on Terrorism and Insurgency Research at the Sié…

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