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Martha Martin "House Carpenter"

Child Ballad

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Lynne Taylor-Corbett Lecture Supplement

This video is a compilation of Lynne's choreography used for her presentation for the Carson Brierly Giffin Dance Library on March 12, 2017. Dances included are: Water Flow, Swing, and Race for…

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The One Who Makes People Happy with her Dancing

A Native dancer weighs tradition and assimilation as she works to combine past and present into her art. Production team: Dustin Amick, Skyler Anselmo, Cami Serrano

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Interview with T Ray Faulkner

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Gloria Kubel (Winber) Oral History, 2007

Gloria Kubel recounts her early dance training and dance classes at Sarah Lawrence College where she studied under Bessie Schonberg, and guest teachers, Charles Weidman, Alwin Nikolais, Ruth Currier…

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3rd Law Dance/Theater Oral History, 2016

Interview with co-artistic directors of 3rd Law Dance/Theatre, Katie Elliot and Jim LaVita, conducted by Nancy McElroy.

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Monica Hill Oral History, 2015

Interview with Monica Hill conducted by Joan Brown.

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Gil Boggs Oral History, 2014

Interview with Gil Boggs conducted by Joan Brown.

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