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Striking Liquid Gold: Colorado Jews in the Oil Business

Brief biographies of Jewish men and women who were or who are in the oil business in Colorado. Written and directed by Jeanne Abrams for the 2016 RMJHS Dinner.

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Harvey Butchart presentation on hiking in the Grand Canyon 1997 about 1997 April 1

Harvey Butchart presents in front of over 60 guests a myriad of photos that he took while exploring various canyons within Grand Canyon National Park. These photos were being donated to the NAU…

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Oral history interview with Mabel Wright Paulina and Herbert Pancho. 1970 November (Tape 2)

Covers genealogical information on various tribal members.

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San Ignacio de Loyola, 1968

Albuquerque, New Mexico. See item 20.3. Quality: Good.

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KHOW Radio interviews with Senator Peter H. Dominick, 1970

Senator Peter H. Dominick (R-Colo.) answers questions from host Bob [Askee/Aske?] during a series of episodes of KHOW's radio program, Spectrum, recorded in Colorado in May, 1971. Sen. Dominick…

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