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Lotte Grünfeld Heimann: Holocaust Story in 100 Years of Songs

Holocaust survivor Lotte Grünfeld Heimann sings songs from her childhood in Yiddish, Hebrew, and German. Songs in Yiddish: "Dos iz a sud derbay" (Perlmutter, Schorr; from the…

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Interview with Janie Irene Bryce about Learned Songs


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Oral history interview with Ginsberg Charles

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Oral History Interview with Sister Mary Nell Moon 1978 January 1 (Tape 1, Side B)

Recollections Soccorro and San Elizario area which inlude history culture folklore and traditions of the area.

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University of Denver Penrose Library Research Center, 2010 April 5

Erin Meyer, Student Outreach Librarian, describes the Research Center at University of Denver Penrose Library.

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John Wilkin - Beginnings

Digital Pioneers 2010-2014

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