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Interview with Clyde W. Tombaugh September 11 1987 Side A 1987 September 11 ( Side A)

Interview with Clyde W. Tombaugh astronomer and discoverer of the planet Pluto. Tombaugh discusses his early life employment at the Lowell Observatory his discovery of the planet Pluto and employment…

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Transit Impacts

2021 Western Places | Western Spaces Conference Bouncing Forward: Building Thriving, Healthy & Equitable Communities

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Teaching Slam - Polina Dimova

The Teaching Slam was hosted as a virtual event to recognize and celebrate the innovative approaches faculty have made to their teaching practices. During this session, we heard from faculty across…

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Kaltura Hotspot Menu Demo

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08.01.17 newtons and principles of biomechanics.mp4

Date Created: October 06, 2017

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