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Violet Gonzales and Tony Gonzales "Rippling Waves"

Fiddle Tune

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DUing Research - UAV and UAS Development at DU with Kimon Valavanis

In this Duing Research Professor Kimon Valavanis, his peers, and students explain DU's UAV and UAS "Drone" programs. This includes spotlights on unmanned navigation, aircraft design,…

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Bridges to the Future - War Zones to the White House by Martha Raddatz

ABC News Correspondent Martha Raddatz discussed her thorough preparations for moderating the 2012 vice presidential debate, her pride in becoming a role model for American youths, and the amazing…

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Oral History Interview with David Ellingwood, 1984 June 28. Side A.

David Ellingwood came to CF&I in 1950 after graduating from the University of New Hampshire. He was a geologist in the mining department. First his job was to expand the limestone reserve, later…

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