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LIS 4510 4.3.2 Demo: Creating Outlines for Baby Programs

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LIS 4510 4.2.1 Modeling Program

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Chasing the Cure: Tuberculosis and Colorados Early Jewish Community

Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society annual dinner video from 2008. The subject of the video is Tuberculosis and the early Colorado Jewish community.

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Edith Huffer Sisac Oral History (Part 1) (Mesa Lake Resort)

No description given for Museum of Western Colorado Oral Histories. Title: Mesa Lake Resort

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Dr. Leroy Cook "Hitch My Horse to a Swingin' Limb"

Children's Song

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Beulah Greer "Foolish Chicken"

Traditional Song

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Mela Lindsay for Colorado Reflections

Mela Lindsay (Amelia Meisner Lindsay) was born in Russia and immigrated to the United States in 1905. She discusses her family's journey across the world. Her family moved to Kansas and she…

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Oral history of Ida Ione Pomeroy Johnson 1979 April 23 (Side A)

A member of the prominent Pomeroy family Johnson was born in Mesa in 1896 at Robson and Second Ave. Her father was the first Mormon Bishop of Mesa and one of her distant cousins served as Mesa's…

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Oral history interview with Wuzzie George and Ray Alcorn. about 1969 (Side A)

Wuzzie George discusses birds. Recorded at Nevada State Museum Carson City Nevada.

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Cheddar Oaks

This is a short film students in the Introduction to Field Production and Editing class created for their final project. Students all start with a similar script but adapt the script and create a…

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Report from Washington. Cuba, 1963 June 18

Senator Peter H. Dominick (R-Colo.) delivers his weekly radio address, Report from Washington, on June 18, 1963. Sen. Dominick discusses topics including bulletins from the Miami-based Cuban Student…

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