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Live and Work in Canada - Immigration Options to Canada?

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Ellis K. Skinner "They Cut Down the Old Pine Tree"

Folk Song

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Oral History Interview with Ernesto Galarza (Tape 1, Side B)

Talk at Stanford University concerning Mexican agricultural workers in the Southwest.

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El piojo y la liendre, 1971

Rowe, New Mexico. Recited. Quality: Fair/Poor.

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El corrido de Manuel Gonzalez, 1969

Chama, New Mexico. Ballad about a Shepard, delineating the difficulties that Manuel Gonzalez encounters because he returns his flock to a corral without first counting the sheep. Quality: Good/Fair.

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Oral History Interview with Will McShane, 1968 January 5 - B, Side A.

Will McShane was a coal miner for the CF&I Steel Corporation. Born Dec. 18, 1888. Father came from Ireland to Pennsylvania. At 11, he was working in mines in Kansas digging coal at $2.25 a day,…

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