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Performance Management - Manager Review Process

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LIS 4000 9.6.1 Evaluation

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LIS 4015 10.2.2 Anonymity in Libraries

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LIS 4015 8.2.4 Roundtable: Autism Spectrum Disorder

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LIS 4510 7.5.1 Montage: Interview Content

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REading/Writing help survey video Fall 2023 (December)

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1DAY4DU: Chancellor's Priorities

Join us on 1DAY4DU to support all of these great projects and more!

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Accelerate Webinar Series: Roles, Responsibilities & Boundaries

What agreements to enterprising families need to best work together? Whether family members have been working together for a number of years or a number of generations, having a common and…

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KBYG Student Role and Expectations

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Robert Dickeson Interview Part 6 between 1984-1987 (Side B)

An oral history interview taken as part of the research process for Dr. Larsons book Shaping Educational Change.

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Engaging Ideas - Lewis Griffith, Military Power? (Quick Take)

This Engaging Idea explores whether traditional views and classical thinking about the use of military power remain relevant in today's technologically advanced, interconnected global…

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Intro to Effective Remote Work - Tammy Bjelland 4-3-2020

Introduction to Effective Remote Work: Differentiating between Sudden and Sustainable Friday, April 3, 2020 12:00pm - 1:00pm MDT By: Tammy Bjelland,…

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What do you wish more professors would do?

Students share what they wish more professor would do. Recorded: 02/01/2017

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Interview With a Field Instructor

Joanna Kipnis graduated from the Hunter School of Social Work in 2004; she has been a field instructor since 2008 and completed her Seminar in Field Instruction (SIFI) certification from Columbia…

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