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LIS 4520 1.3.1 Young Adult Librarianship: A Condensed History

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2016-03-08 Donna Wickham - 03-08-2016 - Track 2

Donna Wickham - 03-08-2016 Track: 2 Concert Date: March 08, 2016 Old filename: 3973.mp3

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John T. Alexander "Orphan Girl"

19th Century Song

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Oral History Interview with Patrick [Bowles] Mary circa 1975

Marietta Bowles Patrick was the daughter of Edward Bowles and Elizabeth Logan Bowles. Mary's husband Thomas Patrick was hired as town marshal and water superintendent. Mary Bowles Patrick said…

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Marie Winn: Children as an Audience (Reel 1 / Side 1)

This reel contains a lecture at the University of Denver by Marie Winn. The lecture is titled "Children as an Audience". Winn discusses the notion that the modern perception of children is…

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