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Interview with the Crosby Family


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Interview RHC029 with Merlin Tanner July 30 1985 1985 July 30 (Part 2)

Interview with Merlin Tanner Grouse Creek 30 July 1985 (pt. 2): No log. Overload on tape. Tail is cut off and slightly faded out on tape. Total duration: 32 minutes.

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Oral History Interview with Bob Craig 2001 May 16

Oral history interview with Robert Wallace Craig began with a description of the Craig family tree including his relationships with his mother father and stepfather. Discussed Bob Craig's…

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Alumni Weekend 2019

A recording of the Distinguished Alumni Celebration during Alumni Weekend 2019.

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Tom Nix oral history interview, 2003 April 22. Side B.

Zack Weingartner interviews Tom Nix in Fort Collins, Colorado on April 22, 2003. Mr. Nix discusses water rights on the Arthur Ditch and Chaffee Ditch, his experience of droughts and floods in the…

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Harvey Johnson interviewed by Jim Hansen on August, 27th 1985 at the Water Supply and Storage Company.

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