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Janie Irene Bryce "Butcher Boy"

Traditional Song

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La merced de Tome, 1971

Tome, New Mexico. Song about the loss of the Tome land grant. Those in favor of the sale of the grant are referred to as traitors and opportunists. Includes commentary. Quality: good. PLEASE NOTE:…

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Corrido de Gregorio Cortez, 1971

Albuquerque, New Mexico. Fragment. See item 32.1. Quality: fair. PLEASE NOTE: this should be number 20 of 20 songs on the audiofile.

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La Maclovia (Madamas taosenas), 1971

Taos, New Mexico. Story of a young man from Conejos, Colorado, who requests the hand of Maclovia Mares of Taos, New Mexico, and is kept waiting for three years before he is given…

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