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2022 Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony - Captioned

Undergraduates Cross the Stage During 2022 Commencement Ceremony In times of strife, it’s important to focus on the present.That was the message shared by Chancellor Jeremy Haefner and…

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Oral history interview with Bush Francis Owen and John Thomas 1975 (Side B)

Dorothy Trevino reads the life history of Francis Owen Bush which he wrote for this project. She also interviews Thomas John. These interviews are part of a series of oral histories of early Mancos…

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Menefee Andrew (d. 1902); Diary of trip to New Orleans in 1885 1975 (Side B)

Andrew Menefee kept an extensive diary of his trip from Mancos Colorado to New Orleans Lousiana during February 1885. Dorothy Trevino reads the diary. Dorothy Trevino also reads short statements…

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James Baxter Peyton "Jessie James"

Folk Song

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Sam Craig Violet Gonzales and Tony Gonzales "Arkansas Traveler"

Fiddle Tune

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Song Medley with James Baxter Peyton

Barbara Allen / Ponchartrain / Jealous Lover / I'll Remember You Love in my Prayers / Fatal Wedding / Jessie James / And So You Have Come Back to Me / Little White Rose / Your Home's the…

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Oral history interview with Mabel Wright Paulina and Herbert Pancho. 1970 November (Tape 2)

Covers genealogical information on various tribal members.

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Bridges to the Future: Changing Realities in Higher Education

Higher education is facing a period of great change. Technology, demographic changes, costs that consistently outstrip inflation, growing price resistance from parents and students, competition from…

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Look to the Stars

To escape her parents' fighting, ten-year-old Emma travels through time with her best friend Charles. This is a student final documentary project from the Media, Film & Journalism Studies…

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Saunders Redding: Black Literature and Political Climates (Reel 1 / Side 1)

This reel contains J. Saunders Redding speaking at the University of Denver on May 28 1969. As the title of the lecture suggests--Black Literature and Political Climates--Redding discusses the effect…

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Fight for Your Rights

This collaborative dialogue on education inequity in Colorado will feature 5 panelists representing multiple viewpoints from individuals with diverse backgrounds and positions in the field of…

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2013 Undergraduate Commencement

The University of Denver granted degrees to its undergraduate Class of 2013 on June 8. The Commencement speaker was Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, who challenged the graduates to "Go out, and in…

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