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FIIT: Module 1 Video 3 Curriculum Development

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Oral history interview with Fitzgerald Jim 1975 (Side A)

Dorothy Trevino interviews Jim Fitzgerald and early Mancos Colorado settler. This interview is part of a series of oral histories of early Mancos settlers taken in the 1970s intended to be part of…

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Florescents in DNA with Byron Purse

This DUing Research video features Assistant Professor Byron Purse speaking on his research in Biochemistry. Byron's goal is to attach Florescent molecules to DNA without causing damage to the…

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Dr. Eaton Highlight - Preview

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Oral History Interview with Juan Hernandez 1978 August 20 (Side A)

Mexican Revolution Battles of Zacatecas Torreon Camargo the personalities of Villa de Anda and Murguna and recollections of black American soldiers during the Revolutionary years.

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