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Martha Martin "House Carpenter"

Child Ballad

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Interview with John Setterland for the Grand Canyon Railroad Oral History Project [constructed title] April 2 1984 1984 April 2

Setterland worked as a locomotive engineer for the Saginaw and Manistee Lumber Compnay from 1927-1940. He describes the logging camps where the employees were accommodated (he lived alone at that…

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Oral history interview with Katie Frazier and Mabel Wright Paulina Part 1. 1968 (Side B)

Discussion of the Frazier family and the deer story.

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A young man loses his memory and struggles to accept his family (12:36). Production team: Paul Gunther, Kevin Keables, Jessica Pearl Salas Original debut at the InShort:DU Film/Video Showcase, June…

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untitled, 1971

Escondida, New Mexico. The family of Vicente G. Torres, relatives, and friends sing hymns of praise in celebration of the Holy Cross, My 3, 1971. Includes introduction of performers. Voice of…

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