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RE Securities/Syn/Entrep

Zoom Recording ID: 84608762533 UUID: axIeApWTQkOApJZOm5+x+A== Meeting Time: 2024-06-26 01:34:12pmGMT

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LIS 4043 8.3.1 Partnerships

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LIS 4520 8.5.1 Montage: Interview Content

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LIS 4520 8.3.2 Demo: Searching for Presenters for Young Adult Programs

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LIS 4520 5.3.1 Programming for Early High Schoolers

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2016-02-20 Nebula Ensemble - 02-20-2016 - Track 1

Nebula Ensemble - 02-20-2016 Track: 1 Concert Date: February 20, 2016 Old filename: 3767.mp3

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Diversity Summit 2022: DEI in Our Co-Curricular Spaces | University of Denver

This session is composed of panelists who work across campus in support of students. They discuss the ways in which their work develops and furthers DU's prioritization of DEI, as well as the…

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Career Services

Career Services, recipient of the 2013 Outstanding Department Award.

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A More Just System

Edited and produced by Grace Haggerty Featuring Jessica Goldberg Jess Goldberg, the Volunteer and Training Coordinator at the Longmont Community Justice Partnership (LCJP) describes what restorative…

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Thoughts on Restorative Justice: One Parent's Experience at Longmont Community Justice Partnership

In this short film, Mike discusses his experience with restorative justice. After his daughter experiences bullying and threats over social media, the case is given the option of being treated…

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The Assessment Salon. Episode 3: Holistic Assessment Through Portfolios with Dr. Laura Sponsler

Join us for this episode of The Assessment Salon Podcast with Dr. Laura Sponsler (she/her) where we talk about the transformative potential of conducting holistic assessment through portfolios.…

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Oral History Interview with Stephen A. Hart, 1975 July 2 - B, Side B.

Stephen A. Hart was the grandson of John L. Jerome. Was State Historic Preservation officer. Board of Directors for National Sugar Manufacturing Co. Father was secretary of CF&I.…

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SIP State Government - Robert Gibson Presentation (09.23.2010)

Presentation by Robert Gibson, Executive Director of Colorado Wins - Strategic Issues Program, State Government Panel

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Learning Portfolios with Professor Laura Sponsler

Professor Laura Sponsler discusses how she has used digital portfolios to engage her students by collecting and sharing digital artifacts that reflects learning experiences by her students.

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