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LIS 4011 5.2.1 Demo: LibGuides

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LIS 4011 2.6.1 DemoL Open Source Search Technologies Blacklight

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Replacing Vimeo Links in courses with new Canvas guides

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Entrepreneurship Sprint Promotion

Daniels College of Business - Entrepreneurship Sprint Class Promotion

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Johnson Iola Starr recounts the history of the Feburary 16th 1936 avalanche that destroyed the Hesperus (Doyle) mine 1976 February 16 (Side B)

Iola Starr Johnson describes her memories of the big avalanche that wiped out the Hesperus mine on Feburary 16 1936 and took the lives of 6 Mancos residents. She also reads an account of the…

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MWCoh-0349 (Tape 2) (Ditches/Fairs/Entertainment)

No descriptions given for Museum of Western Colorado Histories. Title: Ditches/Fairs/Entertainment

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Oral history interview with Maiden Robert R.

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Oral History Interview with Jacobson Carl (a) 1975 (Tape 1, Side A)

Interview with Carl Jacobson of his recollections of the early days of Westminster CO. Persons of note mentioned in the interview: A. V. Wilson Pomponio Family Margaret Hanks LaVerne Glasgow Mary…

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Hashtag: #Journalism Redefined - Session 1

Local level media panelists discuss their own personal use of social media: favorite platforms, frequency of posting, building a personal "brand," as well as using social media as a conduit…

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untitled, 1970

Bernalillo, New Mexico. Informant gives an account of the dance game "valse chiquiado," connected with the experiences of a hunter named Cruz Hurtado. Hurtado finds himself in the woods…

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Report from Washington. Red China, 1965 May 13

Senator Peter H. Dominick (R-Colo.) delivers his weekly radio address, Report from Washington, on May 13, 1965. Sen. Dominick discusses topics including bipartisan U.S. opposition to the recognition…

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Capitol cloakroom. GOP Convention, 1964 July 16

Senator Peter H. Dominick (R-Colo.) answers questions from CBS news correspondents Stanley Levy, Alan Jackson, and Hughes Rudd during the 819th edition of the radio program, Capitol cloakroom, on…

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