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R. Paul Willett for Colorado Reflections

Richard Paul Willett discusses Lowry Field Players during World War II after he enlisted in the Air Force. Recalls directing theater in Denver Colorado at the Gaslight Theater.

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Local History Seminar 1984. 1984 April

Panel discussing history of Montezuma County Colorado.

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Winfred Kimber Family Home Evening RHC026 July 29 1985 1985 July 29 (Part 1)

Winfred Kimber Family Home Evening Grouse Creek 29 July 1985 (pt. 1): No log. Tail cut off. Pops and crackles on tape. Strange loud noises near beginning (~01:24). Total duration: 32 minutes.

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Oral History Interview with Mert Williams circa 1986 (Side A)

Oral history interview with Mert Williams. Mert speaks of his parents Mr. & Mrs. E.M. Williams coming here from Kansas in a covered wagon in 1902 with their 4 sons homesteading owning a brickyard…

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Final Table

"Final Table" When one of the world's best poker players is knocked out within the first 30 minutes of the Amateur Championship, two unlikely players emerge as Final Table…

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Voices of Experience: Joe Ellis President of the Denver Broncos

Joe Ellis Began his career in the NFL with the Denver Broncos as their Director of Marketing from 1983 to 1985. Joe Ellis rejoined the Denver Broncos in 1998 as the Broncos’ Executive Vice…

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CSPMs995-306. Tape 4.

Found in 'Voices and Visions: Pikes Peak Women of the Twentieth Century Oral History Project.'

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Senators George L. Murphy and Peter H. Dominick talk to Davis Cup teammates R. Dennis Ralston and Charlie M. Pasarell in the Senate Reception Room of the United States Capitol, Washington, D.C., 1966

Sen. Murphy (R-Calif.), standing on the far left, and Sen. Dominick (R-Colo.), standing on the far right, talk to Charlie Pasarell and Dennis Ralston, two of the United States' top rated tennis…

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05.17.17 Biomechanics synthesize research.mp4

Date Created: May 16, 2017

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