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Dr. Leroy Cook "Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie"

Traditional Song

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Oral history interview with Owen Grant Macdonald 1981 March 23 (Part 2)

Macdonald was born in Mesa in 1903. His grandfather was the first mayor of Mesa and also the first president of the Maricopa Stake of the LDS church. MacDonald Drive was named for him. Macdonald…

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Oral history of Isaac Owen Rogers 1981 (Part 2)

Born in Mesa in 1903 Rogers tells of how his family was sent by Brigham Young to colonize Arizona. His father Isaac Higby Rogers worked as a blacksmith and invented a new device to shoe mules. He…

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Doris Bice oral history interview. Side B.

Doris Bice is interviewed by Clint Hiner.

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