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Photography and Memory Documentary

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Critical Conversations: Multiracial Perspectives | University of Denver

Over the last year, the United States has been confronted with the reality of multiple pandemics (i.e., COVID-19, continued racial injustice, etc.). For communities of color, the existence of…

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Marie Winn: Children as an Audience (Reel 1 / Side 1)

This reel contains a lecture at the University of Denver by Marie Winn. The lecture is titled "Children as an Audience". Winn discusses the notion that the modern perception of children is…

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Robert Ellwood: Mirrors to the Sun - Multiple Realities in Occultism and Literature (Reel 1 / Side 1)

This reel contains Robert S. Ellwood speaking at the University of Denver on April 24 1975. The title of his lecture is Mirrors to the Sun: Multiple Realities in Occultism and Literature. Topics…

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Voices of Experience: Moral Intelligence in Relation to Business Leadership and Ethics, Doug Lennick

In this Voices of Experience presentation Doug Lennick discusses Moral Intelligence in relation to business leadership and ethics.

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DU Bridge Project

Video about the DU Bridge Project from the late 1990's or early 2000's. From a VHS Tape. "The mission of The Bridge Project is to provide a path for youth in Denver's public…

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Garrett Ammon Oral History, 2015

Interview with Garrett Ammon conducted by Julia Wilkenson Manley.

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Interview With a Field Instructor

Joanna Kipnis graduated from the Hunter School of Social Work in 2004; she has been a field instructor since 2008 and completed her Seminar in Field Instruction (SIFI) certification from Columbia…

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