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2021-11-03 Small Group 1 - 11-03-21 - Track 6

Small Group 1 - 11-03-21 Track: 6 Concert Date: November 03, 2021 Old filename: 11556.mp3

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Oral history interview with Ligrani Marianna Perito

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From the Cottonwood

A poem by Word Woman, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

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The 1953 Roots of 1979: Ervand Abrahamian

Much has been written about the causes of the 1979 revolution. This vast literature tends to ignore why this impressive looking state unraveled so quickly and so spectacularly. It did so mainly…

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Zoe Goodblanket Oral History, 1994 August 7. Tape 1, Side A.

Goodblanket discusses being adopted into a non-American Indian family as infant, and moving to Colorado Springs at the age of six after her mother was widowed. She describes local schools such as…

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