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CAHSS advising: Transfer students

Zoom Recording ID: 89210059857 UUID: 9OG5uPSWQA+9d+VEXt1OtA== Meeting Time: 2022-05-05 11:32:11pm

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Discoveries Orientation Week Summer 2015

This video describes the Discoveries Orientation Week. This is the 2015 version.

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Discoveries Week 2016

This video describes DU's Discoveries Week Orientation events.

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First-Year Seminar Podcast featuring Heather Martin

On this episode of the High Impact Practices Podcast, Megan Haskins will speak with Heather Martin, the Director of First-Year Seminar. Martin will touch on topics that include student engagement,…

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Faculty Showcase - Game Based learning- Reacting to the Past with Gregory Robbins

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