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J.V. Cunningham: How Shall the Poem be Written? (Reel 1 / Side 1)

This is the first of two (1 of 2) reels containing J.V. Cunningham speaking at the University of Denver on November 17, 1966. The overarching theme is seen in his title for the lecture, "How…

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Oral history of Bush Francis Owen 1975 (Side B)

Dorothy Trevino reads the life history of Francis Owen Bush written by Francis Owen Bush. This is part of a series of oral histories of early Mancos settlers taken in the 1970s and intended to be…

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Ellis K. Skinner "Sunday School"

Folk Song

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Ernest S. Graham "Devilish Molly"

Traditional Song

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Oral history interview with Rev. Yvette Flunder, 1999

The granddaughter of a Pentecostal pastor, Rev. Flunder recounts the experiences of her early years in San Francisco, and discusses the role music played in her childhood. She discusses the meaning…

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