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2023 Summer Commencement - Captioned

Summer Commencement Highlights Changing World and Importance of EmpathyGratitude was at the heart of the University of Denver’s 2023 Summer Commencement Ceremony on Saturday at Magness…

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1DAY4DU: Chancellor's Priorities

Join us on 1DAY4DU to support all of these great projects and more!

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University College - Developing Learning Goals

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John Williams: Henry Miller - The Success of Failure (Reel 1 / Side 1)

This reel contains John Edward Williams (DU Professor) speaking at the University of Denver for the 20th Century Lecture Series on April 21 1966. Williams begins by discussing Henry David Thoreau and…

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Mike Mansfield - Report to the people of Montana on the accomplishments of the 87th Congress 1961 September 29

Senators Mansfield and Metcalf report on legislation affecting Montana before the 1st session of the 87th Congress. Included are Indian development programs water pollution control Missouri River…

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Pioneer Passage - Aug 2nd 2014

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Faculty Showcase - Classroom Power Dynamics with Jean F East

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Jean F. East discusses some tips for managing power dynamics in the classroom. A part of the Faculty Showcase Series.

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2014 Provost Conference - Substance Abuse: A Barrier to Student Learning - Part 3

The 2014 Provost’s Conference, entitled “Substance Abuse: A Barrier to Student Learning- Mobilizing our Community for Student Success” brought together local and national experts in…

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Opening Gates and Overcoming Barriers Understanding Latina and Latino Student Success in Higher Education

2014 Provost Lecture & Luncheon. Lisa Martinez, Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Criminology and Core faculty member of the DU Latino Center for Community Engagement and…

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Career Services

Career Services, recipient of the 2013 Outstanding Department Award.

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Policy Careers for Orientation

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The Heart of Higher Education - Welcoming by Mary Clark

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FIIT Timeline (Fin Final)

Timeline of the development of the Faculty Institute of Inclusive Teaching - June 2020-April 2021

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Swipe Left

DU student-made film: "A quirky young woman pursues her passion for comedy by actively dodging mismatched dates arranged by her mother through a love app."

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2012 Founders Day, Daphne Preuss

A bio on Daphne Preuss, a DU alumni who has been at the forefront of major invitations in the field of bio-engineering.

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2012 Founders Day, Emmit McHenry

A bio on Emmit McHenry, the recipient of the 2012 Randolph P. McDonough Award.

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