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LIS 4043 9.4.1 The Library and Other Advocacy Agendas

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Attain requirements session 06.16.23 8:00 am

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MLIS-4206 WordPress Blog Posts and Categories

This video will cover:The why How to create a WP blog post Why and how to create categories and tags How to create a WP blog home page How to post your blog page to your navigation menu How to post…

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Oral History Interview with Green Thomas circa 1986

Tom Green was the president of First National Bank of Westminster the City's oldest bank. Chairman of the Downtown Westminster Redevelopment Committee. Also served on the Westminster District…

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Laughing Butterflies (3-4 yrs) 10_13_20 (1/2)

Observation of the Laughing Butterflies preschool classroom (3-4 yrs old) 1/2

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Kaltura Kick-Start

This video will cover the basics of enabling Kaltura in Canvas, Downloading Kaltura Capture, Recording a video, and embedding the video into Canvas.

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