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Position of Taiwan in U.S., Japan and China Relations-March 23, 2022

Japanese and American professors analyze the impact of the invasion of Ukraine on the policies of the Indo-Pacific and especially what it means for Taiwan.

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Free and Open Indo Pacific and China-March 24, 2021

A free and open Indo-Pacific from the Northern Pacific to India is a diplomatic, economic and national security goal of the U.S., Japan, and their friends and allies around the world. The challenges…

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U.S.-Japan Alliance and Defense Policy: Can China be deterred?-March 31, 2021

From the East China Sea to the South China Sea, including Hong Kong and Taiwan, the risk of conflict has increased in recent years. Can competition with China avoid conflict? Can an assertive…

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Chung-Fu Chang Oral History

Interview over Zoom with Chung-Fu Chang conducted by Julia Wilkinson-Manley. Chung-Fu Chang is from Taiwan where he danced professionally with the internationally renowned Cloud Gate Dance Theatre…

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El mierioles de ceniza, 1968

Albuquerque, New Mexico. See item 20.3. Quality: Good.

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Report from Washington. A.I.D. & Free China, 1965 July 15

Senator Peter H. Dominick (R-Colo.) delivers his weekly radio address, Report from Washington, on July 15, 1965. Sen. Dominick discusses topics including American aid to the Chinese Nationalist…

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