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FIIT: Module 1 Video 4 Assessment

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Bridges to the Future: Changing Realities in Higher Education

Higher education is facing a period of great change. Technology, demographic changes, costs that consistently outstrip inflation, growing price resistance from parents and students, competition from…

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Open Discussion-April 9, 2021

NAGPRA Community of Practice call from April 9, 2021. Open Discussion (Re-inventorying NAGPRA collections, in-person gathering)

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How To_AHH Weekly Video Messages

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Open Discussion-August 14, 2020

NAGPRA Community of Practice Call from August 14, 2020. Open Discussion (voluntary repatriation, moving collections, traditional care policies)

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Faculty Showcase - Game Based learning- Reacting to the Past with Gregory Robbins

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DLC-Why Teach Online

DLC-Why Teach Online

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Denver Dialogues on Peace & Security - Featuring Christian Davenport

The Denver Dialogues on Peace and Security is part of a program funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. This series of events is designed to create a public dialogue among academic and policy…

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SME Success Course - Instructional Strategy

Subject Matter Expert Success Course Designed and produced by the University of Denver - UCOL instructional design team.

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La esposa infiel, 1970

Los Padillas, New Mexico. Recited. Quality: Good/Fair.

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Considera con desvelo, 1968

Albuquerque, New Mexico. See item 20.3. Quality: Good.

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Library 101 - Fall 2019

Need an introduction or a refresher on the resources and services available at University Libraries? Come learn about the most popular library resources and services. Participants will learn how to…

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Report from Washington. Extreme left, 1965 May 19

Senator Peter H. Dominick (R-Colo.) delivers his weekly radio address, Report from Washington, on May 19, 1965. Sen. Dominick discusses topics including extremism, radical left organizations and…

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