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History of the Mancos Valley through stories about Ward William; Brooks Theodore; Armstrong Mavin; Ashback Margaret; Ormiston Clare; Brittain Leona Davenport; Freeman Thomas; Freeman Semiramus; Freeman et al 1975 (Side B)

Unknown person recounts the history of some pioneering families and individuals of the Mancos Valley including the William Ward family Theodore BrooksMavin Armstrong Margaret Ashback Leona Davenport…

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MWCoh-0068 (Side A) (School/Homemaking/Fruita)

No name or descrption given for audio from Museum of Western Colorado. Title: School/Homemaking/Fruita

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John Crosby for Colorado Reflections

No description given

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Oral history interview with Wanda LeBaron 1985 June 18 (Side A)

LeBaron describes her childhood home on Eighth Street ? one room with a dirt basement ? and talks about getting water from a well and keeping a garden and chickens. She talks about her father's…

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Oral history of Ralph Openshaw 1982

Openshaw gives an account of life in Mesa Arizona where his family moved in 1902. Openshaw was one of the founders of the United Dairymen of Arizona which helped establish the dairy industry in…

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Interview RHC003 with Archie and Rhea Toyn July 3 1985 1985 July 3 (Part 3)

Interview with Archie and Rhea Toyn at their home in Grouse Creek 3 July 1985 pt. 3: Old church; family reunions; community events; poetry. 2 track recording 2 separate microphones. Occasional severe…

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