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DEIJ Collaborative Meeting 06.09.23

FELC DEIJ Collaborative meeting

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Oral history interview with Fitzgerald Jim 1975 (Side B)

Dorothy Trevino interviews Jim Fitzgerald and early Mancos Colorado settler. This interview is part of a series of oral histories of early Mancos settlers taken in the 1970s intended to be part of…

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Interview with Sam Eskin about "Old Bangdum / Sir Lionel"


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Oral History Interview with Anna Danner 1981 April 1

Ms. Danner recounts her experiences growing up in Oklahoma and her life in Omaha starting in about 1917. She also discusses her brother a Nebraska State senator.

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How to Add a Task to a Student Worker's Basecamp List

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Corrido de Eva Garza, 1967

Albuquerque, New Mexico. Eva Garza, a young artist-singer from San Antonio, Texas, dies in Arizona. Probably a commercial recording. Quality: Good.

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Oral History Interview with Peggy Marolt, 1990 July 20: side A

Peggy Marolt discusses growing up in Aspen, Colorado and on the Marolt Ranch also known as Midland Ranch. She describes daily life, household items, her family, buildings around the ranch and the old…

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