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Inclusive Health Practices | University of Denver

Taking a social justice lens to health and wellness means we have to start by asking: Why treat people's illnesses without changing what made them sick in the first place? Throughout the world,…

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Ellis K. Skinner "Cowboy's Lament"

Cowboy Song

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Oral History Interview with Ada Torres 2005 March 4

Interview with Ada Torres from the De donde eres: Cultural Origins of the Southern Colorado Latino/Hispanic Community Collection.

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Mark Siemens: Using Lasers for Medical Research

My research group uses ultrafast lasers to understand transport of fundamental energy carriers in and near nanostructures. In particular, we are interested in observing how heat flow away from a…

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The Biology of Aging with Professor David Patterson

RESEARCH INTERESTS The Patterson laboratory works on three interrelated projects. We are interested in the cognitive and behavioral disabilities faced by persons with Down syndrome and in developing…

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Oral History Interview with Bill Reeds

Interview with Bill Reeds Director of Community Development in Westminster.

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Adelante Moving Forward

"Adelante, Moving Forward" by Joel Cruz Produced for the MFJS Experimental Film & Video Course, Fall 2012

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"Leveled" Leveled looks at death, the great equalizer, through a range of perspectives and reactions to our own mortality. Student production team: Patrick Gillespie, Jennifer…

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Hipters, Heart, Irony

A cerebral drama that challenges the idea of reality and how far our minds will go to protect it. Production team: Teri Andony, Katie Cook, Marteene Diaz, Oanh Le, Stefan Wisnoski Written, filmed,…

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Gloria Kubel (Winber) Oral History, 2007

Gloria Kubel recounts her early dance training and dance classes at Sarah Lawrence College where she studied under Bessie Schonberg, and guest teachers, Charles Weidman, Alwin Nikolais, Ruth Currier…

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