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IHAC's Nina Ekholm Fry presents Horses in Therapy and Education Services: Updates to Terminology and Concepts in the U.S.

Zoom Recording ID: 85453450516 UUID: LHBXD1wzTUGTiwp2P/Hf/w== Meeting Time: 2023-02-23 11:46:54pmGMT

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Chasing the Cure: Tuberculosis and Colorados Early Jewish Community

Rocky Mountain Jewish Historical Society annual dinner video from 2008. The subject of the video is Tuberculosis and the early Colorado Jewish community.

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Michelle Knowles: Cardiovascular Disease Research

Prof. Michelle Knowles and her group are interested in understanding how membrane proteins function on a molecular level. They use single molecule and quantitative imaging techniques to form…

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Mark Siemens: Using Lasers for Medical Research

My research group uses ultrafast lasers to understand transport of fundamental energy carriers in and near nanostructures. In particular, we are interested in observing how heat flow away from a…

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Oral History Interview with Ron Hellbusch circa 1986 (Side A)

Ron Hellbusch discussing water problems reservoir Director of Public Works & Utilities pavement management water taps.

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Oral History Interview with Herman Katheryn; Hellbusch Ron; Wurl Leon; 1975? WHS-044

KATHERYN HERMAN Katheryn and her family moved to Westminster in 1951 and she began working for the City of Westminster as a file clerk on a part-time basis. She was elected as Westminster City Clerk…

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Norm Evans interview, 2003 April 24. Side B.

Sabra Maas interviews Norm Evans in Fort Collins, Colorado on April 24, 2003. Dr. Evans discusses his experiences as a member of the Fort Collins Water Board and the Water Quality Control Commission.

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Corrido del Rio Grande, 1974

Tucumcari, New Mexico. No listing in Cobos index. Quality: fair/poor. PLEASE NOTE: this should be number 17 of 17 songs on the audiofile.

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