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Menefee Andrew (d. 1902); Diary of trip to New Orleans in 1885 1975 (Side B)

Andrew Menefee kept an extensive diary of his trip from Mancos Colorado to New Orleans Lousiana during February 1885. Dorothy Trevino reads the diary. Dorothy Trevino also reads short statements…

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History of the Mancos Valley through stories about Ward William; Brooks Theodore; Armstrong Mavin; Ashback Margaret; Ormiston Clare; Brittain Leona Davenport; Freeman Thomas; Freeman Semiramus; Freeman et al 1975 (Side A)

Unknown person recounts the history of some pioneering families and individuals of the Mancos Valley including the William Ward family Theodore BrooksMavin Armstrong Margaret Ashback Leona Davenport…

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Stanley Calkins for Colorado Reflections (Part 2)

No description given

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Laura Fulks interview: History of Goodman Point. 1990 January 23


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Oral History Interview with Ramona Natai 1970 January 1 (Side B)

Tigua Indian discusses tribal history customs and way of life.

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Osborn oral history interview - 1. Side B.

Osborn oral history interview.

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Growing up in Early Colorado: The Lives of Jewish Children, 1860-1940, 2012

Brief biographies of Jewish men and women who grew up in Jewish communities in Colorado. Contains historical photographs and interviews with people describing their childhoods.

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