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Oral history interview with Kennerly Dan Lanford

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Oral History Interview with Robert "Bob" Derry 1984 July 20 (Side B)

Robert Derry talks about working as a smokejumper in 1943 and 1946. He also discusses his brothers Frank Chet and Virgil who were all smokejumpers and were involved with the early development of the…

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Oral History Interview with Ramon Duran 1978 July 27 (Side B)

The Mexican Revolution migrant workers in the United States. Prohibition. Bracero Program.

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Oral History Interview with Bernabe Solis (Side A)

Interview with Bernabe Solis.

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Jesse Gatlin: The Literary Image and the Professional Reality (Side 1)

This reel contains a talk by Colonel Jesse Gatlin from the Air Force Academy at the University of Denver on Wednesday May 7 1969. Colonel Gatlin received his PhD from the University of Denver. The…

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NORAD/NORTHCOM Information Session

Zoom recording of NORAD/NORTHCOM Internship information session which took place on 9/25/2020. Please contact korbelcar[email protected] with questions regarding this video.

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ZOOM - Student Access to Cloud Recordings via Canvas

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Voices of Experience: General Charles C. Krulak

Charles C. Krulak is an American icon whose experiences include serving as the 31st Commandant of Marine Corps and as a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. During his military service, he was…

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untitled, 1972

Grants, New Mexico. Conclusion of wedding ceremony recorded in the Catholic church of Grants, New Mexico. Quality: good/fair. PLEASE NOTE: this should be number 2 of 2 pieces on the audiofile.

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The Fun People

This film is footage of the 19th annual National Square Dance Convention, held in Louisville, Kentucky.

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