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Lamont Composers Concert Series (live-streamed performance)

Lamont student composers premiere new works. Directed by Leanna Kirchoff and Sean Friar. PROGRAM:

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Sesquicentennial Concert

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Oral history interview with Alma Blackmon

Alma Blackmon relates her early introduction to music at the age of five when she taught herself to play the piano. She discusses how music played an important role in her life in spite of the fact…

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Oral history interview with Brazeal Dennard, 1999

Brazeal Dennard recounts the meaning of spirituals in his life from growing up in Michigan, attending music school at Wayne State University, performing as a singer, and forming the Brazeal Dennard…

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Story of the Spirituals Project, 1999

As an introduction to the history of the Spirituals Project, Arthur Jones recounts his early experiences in music beginning with his participation in the New York City All City High School Chorus, to…

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Oral history interview with William Warfield, 1999

William Warfield recounts his early experiences of studying music with well-known artists such as Robert Nathaniel Dett and Paul Robeson, and some of his early performance experiences. He discusses…

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Oral history interview with Vincent Stringer, 1999

Born in Connecticut of parents from the South, Vincent Stringer recounts his early memories of growing up in a religious, singing family. He discusses his appreciation of spirituals that began in…

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Oral history interview with Linda Tillery, 1999

Linda Tillery recounts remembrances of growing up in a family environment imbued with African American music. In spite of this early exposure, however, it was not until she was 41 years old, after…

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David Amram Concert April 18, 2001

David Amram a renown composer of orchestral, chamber works, jazz, folk and singer/song writer conducted a concert at the Lamont School of Music on April 18,2001. From a VHS Tape.

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