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2018-11-06 Vocal Jazz Concert - 11-06-2018 - Track 5

Vocal Jazz Concert - 11-06-2018 Track: 5 Concert Date: November 06, 2018 Old filename: 8215.mp3

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Offering Valuable and Actionable Feedback.mp4

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Provost Conference 2023 Day 1 - Faculty Matter: Thriving as a Teacher-Scholar in Times of Burnout

This workshop focuses on the importance of faculty well-being, connection, and purpose at a time when those might be in short supply. We will build on your own experiences as a faculty member and on…

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Interview with Janie Irene Bryce about "Lightning Express" and Janie's Family


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Oral History Interview with Diane Sands 2000 December 15 (Tape 2)

Diane Sands describes growing up in the Sixties and changes in society including race gender equity struggles civil unrest religious faction joined by politics and feminist issues amidst the…

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Film Block 6– Documentary Film Production 2 Capstone (InShort Showcase 2021)

A Film Block of 3 short documentaries produced during the Spring 2021 Quarter in the Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies at the University of Denver. Doc 1: "Kerrville" by…

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The journey of an aspiring comedian connects with a new mentor and discovers the value of comedy. Production team: Jack Anderson, Mariah Ortiz, Sean Stroh

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Irving Howe: The Idea of the Modern (Reel 1 / Side 2)

This reel contains Irving Howe literary critic speaking at the University of Denver in March of 1965. This is the second side of the reel. The side begins soon after the first side cut off however…

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Informational Interviews Introduction

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Internships: Overview

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Dimensions of Humane Communities_4_Michael Yellow Bird

Traditional Stories of the Relationship between the Arikara (Sahnish) and the Animal WorldThe Arikara, or more accurately “Sahnish,” are a northern Great Plains tribe currently living on…

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Dimensions of Humane Communities_2_Sarah Schmidt and Meg Daley Olmert

Peaceable Kingdom: The Big Fix in northern Uganda Sarah Schmidt, the founder and president of The Big Fix Uganda’s Comfort Dog Project and Meg Daley Olmert, Director of Research for the…

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Oral history interview with Jacqueline Hairston, 1999

Jacqueline Hairston recounts her early experiences with music, beginning with piano lessons at 8, and her appointment as the church music director at 12. She discusses her entree into and early days…

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Oral history interview with Vincent Stringer, 1999

Born in Connecticut of parents from the South, Vincent Stringer recounts his early memories of growing up in a religious, singing family. He discusses his appreciation of spirituals that began in…

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How to create instructional videos using green screen with Nico Brooks

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NFW - Gary Brower 2012

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