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MLIS-4206 WordPress Blog Posts and Categories

This video will cover:The why How to create a WP blog post Why and how to create categories and tags How to create a WP blog home page How to post your blog page to your navigation menu How to post…

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MLIS-4206 - Week 4 overview (15:00)

Winter 2023

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John Williams: The Future of the Novel (Reel 1 / Side 1)

This reel contains Dr. John Williams professor of English at the University of Denver and author of Butcher's Crossing and Stoner lecturing as part of the University Lectureship for the 1965/66…

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6.30 FINAL FIIT Intro Video

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FIIT: Final Module 1 Video 2 Knowledge Construction

Transcript not complete

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Diversity Summit 2021: Building Your Inclusive and Humanizing Teaching Toolkit | University of Denver

In this session, we reviewed humanizing pedagogy principles and dove deep into a set of teaching tools to support inclusive, equitable, and supportive learning environments for all students. This…

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Emma Hutchins "Little Old Sod Shanty on the Claim"

Homesteader's Song; Parody of Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane

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Oral History Interview with Linda Smith 2001 July 19 (Side B)

Linda Smith describes her childhood and education her experiences in the Peace Corps and her introduction to feminist and underground publications. She explains her initial interest in printing…

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Changing the Theme of a CIDI Template

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Alumni Symposium 2013: Matt Bond -The Changing Media Landscape

Matt Bond (BSBA '83) Executive Vice President of Content Distribution for NBCUniversal speaks at the 2013 Alumni Symposium. Matt talks about the changing media landscape as a result of new…

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Editing the Banner Image on a Course Page

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Converting Content from Design Document to Canvas. Readings and Instructional Materials page, CIDI Labs, Hanging indent, and blocks

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Checking HQs for Master Containers

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2010 Provost Conference, Morning Panel Discussion

We had a morning panel “Open Access in Practice: Local Experts Share their Experiences” with Scott Howard — “E-Journals & Interactive Design: Re-mediating the Fields for…

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Information Architecture Final Project by Alec Millman

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